Friday, October 16, 2009

Add to your source of online income with Facebook

fbadi If you’ve just been using Adsense as a way of generating income or you’re already in the affiliate game with social networks, here’s another way to generate real steady income through social networks and a few useful tips to generate the highest possible income.

There’s a lot of buzzing going on about social networking sites and affiliates these days. With it’s ability to reach millions of active users each day, social networking grounds definitely proves indispensible to online marketers and can be a real good source of steady income when correctly implemented.

Understanding today’s current trends, fashion, and technology are just a few things good online marketers know and research before starting any campaign. So do some researching before hand and start applying for affiliate programs that you think might push sales. Before you can actually start this tutorial, you should already be working for an affiliate network. If you don’t have one, we recommend LinkShare, this network is excellent for beginners and is free to join. You can sign up by clicking this link or the image below:


Once you have signed up for the program, start applying for links that you believe you can build on and push the most sales from. Some of today’s hottest and highest click through rates are:

  • Online dating
  • Ringtones
  • Fashion

Once you’ve applied to some programs and have been accepted, start by creating an ad for your product on Facebook. You can select the advertising link shown in the picture below:


Create your ad and be sure to fill in almost all blanks if not all. This is when your Google Analytics come in handy. Pull up your site specs and visitors stats, even though you might not be trying to advertise a similar product to your site, you may want to take a look at where most of your traffic is coming from. Target those areas anyways regardless of your product and anywhere else that has high specs. We will leave the creativity and strategic planning up to you guys. Always be patient until you find out which product is working for you and remember to read affiliate terms before attempting social networking campaigns. Happy Earnings.

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