Saturday, June 6, 2009

How to add a three column footer to your blog


From this tutorial, you will be able to add a  three column footer to your blog. Having a three column footer for your blog is not mandatory but, in having one, it can save space in your sidebar and also reduce page lag for your viewers.

To add a three column footer:

1. From your Blogger dashboard, navigate to Layouts and then Edit HTML.

2. Now search for this HTML section code:

<div id='footer-wrapper'>
<b:section class='footer' id='footer'/>

3. Replace this entire section code: <b:section class='footer' id='footer'/> with the one below.

Add style with CSS:

4. Next, you will need to add the CSS section code the footer. To do this, copy and paste the following section code below right before: ]]></b:skin>

Note: You can add more style to this code.

5. You should preview your blog first to see if all codes have been implemented correctly. If so, save your template and you’re finished.

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Blogger quick said...

Thanks for a good post. Seo footer links are good upto some extent and it may harm you if 100links rule in not followed in the page.

But according to Web 2.0 style footer is also a good way of optimizing the pages.

March 19, 2010  

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