Monday, July 27, 2009

There are no coincidences

38690af2d4dbc59c998364c239303ae7 There are no coincidences in any successful blog today. Each and every one of those blogs had to experience ups and downs at one point of time or another, but what’s the most important factor that made these blogs more successful than the rest? Fortunately, it’s something all of us can develop over time, and it’s their willingness to learn and their ability to visualize and have a positive expectancy for everything they have tried to implement in the process of learning. Of course there are other specific factors that will make a blog successful, but those factors all drive down to the principle of positive expectancy.

This principle simply states that the more confident you expect something good to happen, the more likely it is to occur. When making changes to your blog, have confident that your changes will produce some kind of result, if it does not, look for something good you got to learn out of it. When you develop this key factor, you will start seeing changes in your personal life and as well as your blog. You will be able to see which changes you implement bring about positive results and which changes bring about negative ones. When starting off, many changes will initially appear as failures or unfortunate events, but later turn out to be exactly what needed to happen for you to achieve your ultimate goal.



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