Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Five ways to increase visitors and traffic

graph2 1. Keep track of your web-site statistics – keeping track of your website’s stats can definitely give you the right information for minor and major changes necessary for your page. Web hosting usually provides this information for your domain/hosting purchase, but if you’re not registered with any services, Google Analytics is a free of charge service that gives critical insight and information for you to see where your visitors are coming from. Having the right information can allow you to make the changes that are needed and save you the hassle of experimenting.

2. Put SEO to your advantage – optimizing search engines for your blog can greatly drive traffic towards your page. In fact, SEO increased searches for this blog by a whopping 110%, according to Google Analytics. If you’re a beginner, modifying your title is the first step towards SEO. Go ahead and give it a try and you’ll be surprised at the traffic search engines can offer you.

3. Provide quality and useful content – your visitors and readers are like you when you are in need of content that will be beneficial to you. Providing them with poor quality content will only drive them away, providing them with content that has no use or cannot be used to their advantage, and you might really start losing some visitors. Give your visitors content that you yourself find useful and beneficial, don’t give them no crap!

4. Interact and respond to your visitors – your visitors are important. Just like good customer service, your visitors should be your number one priority. If you take care of them good, they’ll be back, just as customers in retails and other industries that require good customer service. You should treat your blog as if it was your business, if you wish to push demand of your service or product.

5. Update – updating your blog is crucial. Your regular readers will learn your time span between updates. They’ll be back, sometimes, just for the update. This pushes us back to the fourth reason, interacting and responding to visitors. Once you have clearly developed an updating time span, stick with it. Either update ahead of time or on your default time, but never later.

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