Sunday, December 20, 2009

Drive click-through-rates by targeting ads for higher revenue and relevant ads

Business Graph One way you can optimize your ads for performance inclination is by targeting ads with specific keywords relating to your blog’s niche through custom channels. Because your visitors are interested in your blog’s niche, by targeting your ads, you can display relevant ads for your readers on topics they are actually interested in. With targeted ads, you’re able to display ads on your page without it interfering with readers interest and at the same time push on click through rates and maximize revenue.


To create a custom channel for your ad:

1. Log into your Google AdSense > AdSense Setup > Channels




2. Select “+ Add new custom channels” under the “AdSense for Content” tab




3. Name your channel and select “Show this channel to advertisers as an ad placement”, and fill out the rest of your websites information and under Description, fill in keywords that targets your blog.




4. Add the Channel and navigate over to AdSense Setup > Manage Ads > and select “Edit AdSense unit” on the ad you want to target.

5. Scroll down to “All Channels” and add the channel you just created and remove any selected channels you may have.

6. Save your settings and allow up to 10 minutes for your relevant ads to start running.



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